• Small business accounting

    Our focus is on providing unparalleled personalized accounting services to small owner-managed businesses. We take a “big picture” approach to add value by ensuring that both the corporate and personal sides are optimized to minimize tax and maximize cash flow. We are a business resource our clients can call on throughout the year to ensure their questions are answered and we can be proactive with any planning opportunities available.

    • Taxation

    Providing innovative tax solutions is our primary focus on adding value to our clients' business. Our integrated personal and corporate tax planning strategies ensure our clients' taxes are minimized. We believe it's your money and you should keep it! The taxation compliance services we provide include preparation of personal, corporate and trust tax returns, GST/HST and PST returns and preparation of T4 and T5 filings.

    • Benchmarking

    We prepare an industry benchmark analysis, for each of our clients, that compares the results of their company to other similar small businesses. The benchmark is useful in identifying any missed expenses as well as any expense claims that may appear inordinate and trigger an audit by CRA.

    • Consulting

    As your trusted business advisor, we will be your main consulting resource for all your company's important decisions. Whether you want to invest your company’s retained earnings or need to decide whether to buy or lease a new vehicle, we can provide the assistance and guidance you need to make the best decision. We can get you off to the right start in planning a new business or maximizing the efficiency and value of an existing one.